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Export Blender Instances/Particles object to Godot

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Hi,I have created an addon can do this,it export Blender instances/particles to Godot,then you can instance these with your scenes use gdscript(included in addon) or MultiMeshInstance(coming before next month),for now It's just can export as godot scene instance,I'm doing the next part:MultiMeshInstance.
Maybe you have noticed that the Godot-Blender-Exporter on github have a pull request by me(epth),it's a particle2multimesh feature,but I'm trying to do this addon because I wan to provide a much more flexible solution to the blender-godot pipline doing these complicated things such as export multi-particlesystem,multi-instancer,multi-objects as multi-scene-instancer,multimeshinstance,So,this is why it's called "Multify", and this addon has a friendly ui panel.

It sales on BlenderMarket and have 25-off price due to Summer Sale.
If you are interested about it, this maybe the last chance geting lowest price because I'm sure I will implement more useful features later.

Get it here:


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