How to fix Android export not changing to a scene

pattyorigamipattyorigami Posts: 30Member

I have a game I was able to export and play just fine as a .exe and in HTML format, but as an apk it refuses to change to the main scene off of the title screen (although it will load a tutorial scene from that same title screen). I just get a frozen black screen. Is there some tweak to make apk exports work better? Or is it just a bonehead error on my part?

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,103Admin

    If I remember correctly, Android has issues with certain file names. I think the issue is with files that have spaces in the sames, but I'm not positive and a quick Google search didn't yield any results. I'd look to see if you can find out what the quirks are with Godot and Android when it comes to filenames and see if it applies to your project.

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