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Opening for new collaborators

Following the release of our first game ‘Medusa’:

we are now open to welcome new collaborators on a 2nd game :

  • developers/scripters with a minimum of knowledge of Godot/GDScript
  • graphists : we work with opensource softwares : Blender, Gimp, Godot

Some pros to collaborate with us:

  • at the moment, we do short games with little to no risk of cancellation/never-ending projects, by maintaining a simple list of atomic tasks to manage each project with reasonable goals.
  • this 2nd game is already playable and implemented at 40%
  • even if this is though not a job offer, we offer 2 coproduction agreements : royalties on the sales and/or share on any crowdfunding campaign.
  • the level of contribution is flexible: we are open to contributors interested by only one single few-hours task and also open to more involved collab.

If interested, just send us some references/links of any previous projects of yours.
No minor: you must have the legal majority as defined in your home country.


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