How to get shadows and color with a viewport

robojebrobojeb Posts: 2Member

I am working on a puzzle game in Godot 3.2.2.

The main puzzle is in 2D but I have several 3D worlds which react to things going on in the puzzle space.
I tried to follow the 3D-in-2D example to render these worlds to a texture and place it as a sprite in the world, but I am running into a couple problems:

1) The rendered objects don't cast shadows on each other.
This makes the rendered world look extremely weird

2) If I select the "Own World" option as the 3D-in-2D example does everything renders as greyscale.

I tried to check all the settings I could between my project and the example but I can't seem to find why my stuff has no shadows and is greyscale.

Is there a way to enable shadows in a viewport? and is there something I a missing to get color using the "OwnWorld" option?


  • robojebrobojeb Posts: 2Member

    I resolved the shadows issue.

    You have to set the "Shadow Atlas" size to something larger than 0, the default is 4096 according to the documentation.

    "Own World" still makes things greyscale

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