[PAID] I need a simple poker game made with Godot

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I need a simple poker game, something very similar to this one in terms of game play https://sourceforge.net/projects/tgchanpoker/ , so simple 5 card poker (no texas hold'em) with just one player playing against cpu. The game interface should be simple but good looking and optimized to be windowed taking a little portion of the screen and must look well and be well readable on any display including full hd and 4k. Must be possible to have looping music during game (from mp3 file or other formats) The game should be compatible at least with windows 10, mac os and ubuntu linux and the source code should be provided with no restrictions (I'll publish on github as part of other projects). I am too a programmer but I am "poor skilled" with Godot so I prefer to work on something already working. I can pay and I need it ready in short time. thank you


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    Should I help?

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    Sounds cool. I'm a professional contractor and have actually built a poker hand scoring algorithm, although it was in JavaScript. And being that this isn't Texas Holdem the algorithm here might be simpler.

    In any case the post raises a lot of questions. I'd need to know at a minimum more about the agreement and time frame. Are you considering anyone else on board for digital graphics. I have a drawing tablet although I am definitely an amateur outside of coding.


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    It sounds very interesting, you need to tell us the timetable, the image and music provider is you or us, and the amount you can pay

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