Godot crash: ERROR: _parse_connections: Condition "!common_parrent" is true. Continuing.

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Hello! I imported an animated and rigged 3D model in Godot, in GLTF format. Due to the fact that I couldn't use the gltf model as a mesh for my kinematic body, and the fact that the imported model was a whole scene, I decided to replace the old capsule shaped "Player" scene with this new 3D human model.

The imported scene was by default of spatial type, so I transformed it in a kinematic body. Then, I copied the code from old "Player" scene to new "Human - Player" scene. I added a camera and a Raycast. Then, I ran the main scene.

As soon as I entered the game, the game crashed, and crashed so badly that my laptop stopped working. I had to hard reboot my laptop.

Next time, I removed the old "Player" scene from the main scene, replaced everywhere in the code "Player" with "Human - Player", and ran the scene again. The same thing happened this time, but I managed to quickly open the Task manager and stop the Godot debugging process. Then I looked in the Godot console and saw these errors:

What should I do in this case?


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 2,810Admin

    Looking at the error, it seems it cannot find a node called "MeshInstance", so that probably means there is a script or the TSCN file is looking for a node that does not exist. That's what I would gather from the error at the bottom.

    The error on the top is a tad more tricky, but looking at the source code shown (line 714 in the PackedScene file), it appears to be an issue with signal connections that is causing the issue. I would check to make sure all of the nodes in the scene have their signals connected correctly and there is nothing strange going on there (like signals connecting to nonexistent nodes, etc).

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