Node detection and Collisions

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I am making a tile-based, random generated map and I am having two issues, one slightly solved and the other not. I am trying to find the best way to find the closest node of a certain type were x is or isn't true. I have a small algorithm that does it already, but I am wondering if there is anything prebuilt into Godot like in GMS that is good at something like that without me having to reimport that algorithm every time I need it.

The second and more important issue is with tiling roads between cities. First I was going to create a projectile that would shoot between cities that would tell tiles beneath them to become roads, but it didn't work without collision and when I gave it collisions, it would, of course, collide, and the projectile would bounce. Is there a better way of going about this, or is there a way to have collisions without physics.


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