Changing variables of an instance?

Freeman_ReignsFreeman_Reigns Posts: 27Member
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I'm trying to change the variable of an instance after creating it through code but just get the error message 'invalid set index 'number' (on base: 'KinematicBody2D') with value of type 'int'.

var instance = preload("res://Scenes/Units/Test/Unit1.tscn").instance()
instance.position = Vector2(1100, 600) = "Bob"
citizen_number += 1
instance.number = citizen_number

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how instances work, but aren't they essentially like copies of a node (including the script) that can be modified separately? I'd appreciate any help :)


  • AzedaxenAzedaxen Posts: 41Member

    Could you show the script on your Unit1 scene? I don't see anything in here that could cause that error. Your understanding of instances is correct, if you were to modify a value on the instance, it would be modifying a copy of that script. Generally that error shows up when you try to assign to a variable that doesn't exist on the class being referenced.

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