My game crash [Godot 3.2.2 - C# - Ubuntu]

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Hello ! Since I changed my Windows operating system to Ubuntu and I had to install the version of Godot (C#) on linux I had some problems during the build.

First I installed Mono version
Second, I also have installed .NET Core 3.1.302.

I also tried again to download Godot, to create a new project that doesn't work.

Specifically, in the project editor when I launch the build with OpenGL ES 3.0 there is an error 'Failed to build project solution' and nothing more. No details, not in the log file.

The project crash in the editor only when I put a C# script, otherwise if I launch the project directly in the project manager, it works???? I tried to find solutions that looked like mine but none of them worked.
That's really weird. I hope you could help me...

(Sorry if my English is bad, I'm French)

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