I have a robot character. How do I animate it?

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My character is a robot that balances itself on 2 wheels, sort of like a segway-robot. It leans forwards when going forwards and backwards when backwards. to turn one wheel turns faster than another. It has a shock-absorber for when it falls.
How is it convenient for me to make it playable? Do I make animations and play them when moving? Do I make a physics simulation and move them with code?(what about the shock absorber) Do I bother rigging it or do I move it with code and use parenting to make the pieces follow?

I don't know what exactly to ask. I need some orientation.


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    I’d say it really depends on how complicated you want to make it. A lot of times, things can be “faked” in game development but since it looks right and feels right to the player, no one really notices.

    An example of this could be the wheels. You could just have the animations change so one wheel looks like it is turning faster than the other when turning, but in reality this is just a visual change that only occurs when the character is rotating. You could also use physics if you want, making it more physically accurate and let the physics engine handle things for you, but this also has the downside of potentially being harder to control. Again, it really depends on how complicated you want to make it and what you feel is the right direction for what you are wanting to achieve.

    If it was me, I’d personally just use animations for these actions and blend them together, but that’s because I’m not a huge fan of setting up physics rigs due to how complicated they can get :sweat_smile:

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