So have a game wanna make titlescreen send to back of thing i have it as character dunno much

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about coding


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    Edited title to conform to forum rules, make sure to read them at least once.

    Also your comment was caught in the moderation queue and I see you haven't yet confirmed your account. Make sure to check your email, also the spam filter if you can't find the confirmation email.

  • Cam_SpencerCam_Spencer Posts: 3Unconfirmed Member

    can i not like have help with this tho aye?

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    Two things:

    • We need to know more about what you are asking or describing, etc. It's much too vague to answer because there are many possible ways to interpret what you have written. Without knowing, it is impossible to help or even give a suggestion into something to look at. Please describe what you are looking for and ideally what you have already tried, as that will help tremendously. While it doesn't mean anyone will have a solution, it will make it easier for others to potentially offer assistance.
    • Please verify your account, as otherwise all your posts will fall into the moderation queue. You should have received a conformation email when you created the account, and if not, you can always have it resent when you log in. Also, please check your email address on your profile to make sure it points to the right address and if it doesn't please let one of us in forum staff know so we can help. Thanks :smile: *

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