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Build Error from the Editor error editor/editor_node.cpp:5273 - An EditorPlugin build callback faile

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edited July 16 in General Support

I am trying to start a scene of my game within the editor. Whenever I try starting it will show me "error editor/editor_node.cpp:5273 - An EditorPlugin build callback failed" in the output. I am using a Mac and the scripting I did was with gdscript in the mono version of Godot 3.2. For some reason I can start my game in the launcher by clicking run.
Someone who was using c# had the same problem as me, but hasn't figured it out yet either.

Update: I installed the non mono version and now it works, that won't work for the other person with the same problem though because they use c#.


  • Ta for your post – it solved my issue. I had no idea that mono (C#) on Godot was broken ;-)

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