Why will an animation work on an original node but not its duplicates?

pattyorigamipattyorigami Posts: 17Member

I am making a Frogs and Flies type game and came across an issue I've never had before. I made a fly with a simple wing buzz animation. When I instance the fly in my main scene everything works just fine, but when I duplicate the original fly or instance another one into the scene the buzz animation does not work for any other flies but the first one. I've instanced multiple character duplications in other projects without this problem, so needless to say I am getting very frustrated over this. What might cause this for later iterations of the original node but not the original?


  • UnknownUserUnknownUser Posts: 1,389

    I think it's because in the first image you're calling the horizontal and vertical movement in the _ready(): function instead of the _process(): or the _physics_process(): functions

    I'm not sure because I don't quite understand the code but it isn't much work to change it and see if it works

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