Grid Map Mouse click tile detection without physics?

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Hi All, new to Godot, but not game dev, really impressed with what I have seen so far.

I have one newbie question, but here is a little context first.

Isometric viewI want a fairly big map, 200 x 200 tiles.There will be 4 height levels giving a terraced effectTrees and buildings will be placed upon tilesTexture on each time needs to be changeable by code in gameNo physics is requiredMobile platform, and if possible webCamera Zoom required, rotation not essential, but nice to have.
I think the voxel engine looks great, but overkill for my needs.

So I am leaning towards using the gridmap, but have read in a few places the physics can become a performance issue on larger maps.

Since I do not require physics this should not be an issue, except , without physics how do I detect which tile a use clicks?
Is this possible?

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