Metadata Inspector: a plugin to easily add custom variables to nodes directly from the UI

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If you have never used this plugin, the way you have been handling object data and logic up to now has been either entirely backwards (data and logic centralization, an anti-object-oriented practice), or very clunky in use (data stored inside instance-specific scripts, which conflict with the logic-scripts for the prototypes and produces a whole array of clunks). Or it has been both!

But what if you could create arbitrary attributes on any node you wanted, dozens and hundreds of them all over the place at no cost and no effort. And this node specific data will tell scripts how to handle collisions, in-game events, features and so forth. Further, this data can mutate, can be instantiated, duplicated, etc.

If you can't follow quite with that no matter. Put data where it belongs, make your life easy: just try Metadata Inspector.

For great justice!

Now available in the Godot AssetLib.

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    So. no need to add a script to an object to give it additional/custom properties? That could be very handy.

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