Input point cloud for convex collision shape - graphical help ?

Green BaronGreen Baron Posts: 26Member
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Well, inputting 8 corners for a convex shape isn't that much of a problem, but i can assume that might get a little tedious with a larger point cloud. Have i overseen a widget or so in the editor, to edit the array of the points of a convex shape ? That would be so typical for me ...

I have found the other shapes and the automagic ones, but sometimes manual is just so much better, and i'd expect a bunch of simple convex shapes neatly placed to perform better BVH wise and so, than a complex concave one ...



  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 452Admin Godot Developer
    edited July 17

    You can edit the resource directly and increase the size of the Points array:

    Adjust the editor-only Page property to browse between array pages (groups of 10 elements).

  • Green BaronGreen Baron Posts: 26Member

    Yep, that's how i do it, because the automatic convex shape builds one from >200 points, when 10 are enough. I don't know how the algorithm (quickhull ?) is implemented. Would expect that collision checks against a shape of 10 points is faster than against one made from 200 points and because of that i opulate the list manually.

    I hoped there might be point and click alternative to populate the array. My mental calculation skills fail me regularly :-)

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