Hi All! i bring you my plugins for Godot ^^

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Hi all! I am new in this forum and nothing better for a presentation than to bring you my godot plugins. You can get it in github (https://github.com/newold3) or in the asset library.

Path Editor: Create or edit curve2D resource with a nice editor

Autotile Editor: Convert tilesets, autotiles and autotiles animated from RPG Maker to tilesets of Godot
(pending approval at Godot Assets Library ;) )

More is coming, stay tuned!


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    The autotile importer is pretty useful, but isn't that an expensive approach in terms of resource usage? I've been approaching it by trying to make a code solution rather than an exploded resource solution, so that it would just use the original texture files.

    I notice a minor bug in waterfalls - if you have uneven waterfall spacing, such as say


    then you get an artifact in the second row from the first row.

    The roofs and walls are also not quite right - at least, as compared to RPGMaker's handling of them. When you have something like:


    Then there is supposed to be lines between the two irregular roof sections. Same applies to walls. I found that I had to actually code an exception to the wall and roof handling, rather than just use the same basic code as I had written for the floor autotile... my exception had to check the entire height of the wall/roof to see if it needed to use edges or centers. Not sure this can be solved by just converting to the existing Autotile system.

    Out of curiosity - how do you get the animated tiles without creating an AnimatedTexture? AH, I see... by having code embedded in the TileMap. Cool!

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    Theoretically, it might be possible to get the walls and roofs correct by extending the set_cell functions in the TileMap.

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