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First of all, sorry for my English, I am using google translate.

I want to open windows and dialogs in my game, like the godot editor does with the options 'Project Settings' or 'Create New Node' for example.

But I can't find much information about it, where can I start looking?

a greeting


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    Welcome to the forums @cbec!

    I believe those dialogs are based on the Popup node (documentation), if I am not mistaken. I would recommend looking at the Popup node and the nodes that extend it (like WindowDialog and PopupPanel) and see if they do what you are looking for.

    In Godot 4.0, there will be a way to make individual windows that are separate from the main application, but for Godot 3, I think the Popup node and nodes extending it would be a good place to look. :smile:

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    Well it seems that is the way to do it, thank you very much.

    See if with the next version all this is a little easier and more flexible.

    Again, sorry for my English.

    a greeting

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