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I know this has been discussed a lot, and I know the can't really do anything about it due to godot's open source nature. But, I know I might get a lot of hate on this, but I'm gonna say it because it makes sense: add console support that can be accessed with specific paid tiers on patreon, similar to how defold did it to the nintendo switch, defold is open source, but the Switch's SDK is only accessed by verified nintendo developers. This will not only make godot even more cross platform, but it will help fund the project a little better, and catch other's eyes to switching to godot. Personally, I am using Unity and Defold in some cases, I have tried Godot, and actually I like it so much, but the only thing that is stopping me from using it is console support. I know I can pay 3rd parties to port it, but I don't feel comfortable doing so (and many others as well, check the poll results here answered by godot users :

). and the best part is, this will not affect godot itself as an open source project, it will stay the way it is now (and ever has been) with only the optional console support. please look into it, at least think of it, it's the only way for me to switch to godot as console support is important for me :)

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    Just a couple notes:

    • The main Godot developers are not very active here on the forums. If you are trying to have this seen by them, you should probably post it on the IRC, or another Godot community that more of the core developers frequent. That's not to say that this discussion cannot be had here, just note that it those in charge of making these decisions may not see it.
    • I don't think this will garner "a lot of hate", but if it does, we'll handle it. That said, to anyone who might feel passionately about this topic, just remember that everyone has a right to their opinion and we should all be good! :smile:
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    As reduz said in the thread, it's not legally possible to do it. The Software Freedom Conservancy doesn't want to sign console NDAs as it would contradict their mission statement. Creating a separate legal entity is also out of the question due to the amount of time and resources it would require (business is business).

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    Yeah, as has been stated, this is highly unlikely. There's a reason why you only see "official" console support from closed-source, monetized middleware. It requires a working relationship with the companies involved, and all sorts of contracts that have to be maintained and updated. And some manner of licensing fees would almost certainly be involved as well. Just far too much of a headache, and could potentially hamstring the open-source nature of Godot.

    On top of all that, it isn't even technically necessary. Godot is open-source, and can be re-compiled by anyone. If you get your hands on a console-specific SDK, there's nothing stopping you from re-building Godot using that. And Godot obfuscates enough high-level functionality that very little debugging or alterations would be necessary. Anyone looking to port their Godot-developed game to a console platform could likely pull it off with little to no compromises, and very little extra work. Having a pre-designed solution for that baked into the engine by default isn't really needed in most cases.

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    If, and this is a if the size of Jupiter, should godot ever significantly take off the platform owners(sony, nintendo etc.) could conceivably offer their own export templates for their platforms under a custom eula.

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