How could I fix the Pause Menu to the same Screen Position independent of the Camera2D Position?

SosaseesSosasees Posts: 158Member
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I have made a Pause Menu, but when I made my first level with a moving Camera2D,
the Pause Menu won't stay at the same screen position, even after I made it a child of the Camera2D.

The next image shows how the pause menu should look like,
the second image shows how it actually looks like after I move the camera:

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  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,245Admin
    Accepted Answer

    Have you tried using a canvaslayer as a parent?

  • SosaseesSosasees Posts: 158Member

    @Megalomaniak Thanks very much!
    Now the Pause Menu stays where it's supposed to stay.
    This is an image of the pause menu after moving the camera as much as in the second example above:

    I'll credit your answer if you don't disagree by tomorrow.

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