Beginner 2D Artist looking for a beginner programmer

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Hello. I am looking for a person with programming skills on GDScript / mb Python. I would like this relationship to be friendly. I'm new, so I'm ready for you to be new. As for the payment, if you are ready to provide it - great. Because it's cool when you can pay for an apartment and eat. If not, it's okay, I'm not here for that. I want to learn and do something cool. I know 2 languages, Russian and English, though my English is bad, so if you are patient enough while I teach it, and maybe even help me with this, that would be cool. I can also take on responsibilities in animation and music, creating sounds to a certain degree. At the moment, right now I’m keen on a space theme, but if you have any other suggestions, okay, let's talk and do it too.
P.S.: Do not worry about the quality of the projects, I do not expect that they will be good, I just want to do better than yesterday. Do not worry about your level of knowledge of Godot, I will not rush you.

Update: Search for a programmer is complete.


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    Hey, I sent you a message tell me if you are still looking for someone

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    I need an artist (beginner or otherwise).
    So far I grabbed some of sokobahn assets to make the game testable - but I don't want to use openly available graphics unless for testing.

    I've been a programmer a long time (self taught) but am new to games.
    I wrote Rommy's Gauntlet in googles Android play store (a few years back) and want to rewrite in Godot using gdscript.

    It will be renamed to Rommy 2d and will have a slightly different interface, work a little differently, and have a level designer, plus very likely I will try add advertising or something. I'll most likely aim it at desktop, browser and possibly mobile.

    The game is still in Alpha and some parts haven't been written (I've worked on this since july - possibly june?).
    I have it on git (bitbucket) and can share the link for easier access.

    I can't pay at the moment and don't think the game has any potential to make much money (but who knows). I'm using this as a learning experience.

    If you decide to give this a go, that will be great. If the art work is used you will be accredited for it. If the game does somehow make money I can make arrangements for you to get a share in that.

    My English is not too bad but I don't know Russian .... sorry


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