Beginner 2D Artist looking for a beginner programmer

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Hello. I am looking for a person with programming skills on GDScript / mb Python. I would like this relationship to be friendly. I'm new, so I'm ready for you to be new. As for the payment, if you are ready to provide it - great. Because it's cool when you can pay for an apartment and eat. If not, it's okay, I'm not here for that. I want to learn and do something cool. I know 2 languages, Russian and English, though my English is bad, so if you are patient enough while I teach it, and maybe even help me with this, that would be cool. I can also take on responsibilities in animation and music, creating sounds to a certain degree. At the moment, right now I’m keen on a space theme, but if you have any other suggestions, okay, let's talk and do it too.
P.S.: Do not worry about the quality of the projects, I do not expect that they will be good, I just want to do better than yesterday. Do not worry about your level of knowledge of Godot, I will not rush you.

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