LeftRight : colorful arcade game for Android... thanks to Godot engine

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My first personal project done for Android devices came to life thanks to Godot... within 6 weeks i learnt the basics, did some tests, started porting one of my previous HTML5 games and published my first game ever for these mobile devices (as a solo developer as i have already worked in some game studios).

Easy to play and fun at the same time (using bright colors and a good mood), just choose left or right depending on the ball's color and the bars on both sides of the screen. Get higher scores to unlock other game modes. More updates are planned for the following weeks but right now is complete enough and i feel proud of it :)

Currently the game has 4 game modes:
... each one with a different objective and difficulty level

Feel free to download, play and comment if you want... that would be very helpful to me =)


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