I can't run 3D android project godot 3.xx on some device

danurdanur Posts: 4Member

Hello, i was making 3D android game on godot 2.xx and it's working.
Then i try all godot 3.xx version and exported to my device, 2D game is working great, but 3D game always show error messages. I also try to switch between gles2 and gles3, but i get same result. Then i am searching in this forum if someone have the same issues.., i barely find something. Finally i try one of game that release in google play that using godot 3.1, and got the same problem.
Here the error log

Is there anyway to fix it, since i want my game have more device compatibility.

I am sure lots of new devices still support it, but if there is and option to fix this, i would like to try.

Sorry for my English. I hope you understand.

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  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 464Admin Godot Developer

    Which device are you using, and which Android version is it running?

    As a rule of thumb, Godot 3.x doesn't support Android versions below 4.4.

  • danurdanur Posts: 4Member

    My device is android 6.

    I use this device to make sure basic smart phone can run my game. even though this device is android 6, i think Godot not support this device or there's a problem on the template for adreno.

  • wombatstampedewombatstampede Posts: 176Member

    @danur said:
    I use this device to make sure basic smart phone can run my game. even though this device is android 6, i think Godot not support this device or there's a problem on the template for adreno.

    If I see this right in the error dump then the error occurs inside the android kernel adreno driver. Not inside Godot. This could mean that godot gives the gfx driver something to chew that leads to this error.

    AFAIK Godot itself has no adreno specific template/code. You'll see mentions of adreno in the code but usually it just marks code parts which have been generally rewritten to avoid errors happening on adreno devices. (I may be wrong though)

    You could check if there are any (official) updates available for that device that fixes this error. (Independent of the OS version)

    Or you could write a GLES2 test app (new project with default settings) that adds functions one by one until the error occurs.
    Beginning with a black/empty 3d view with no lights.
    Adding a simple square plane with single color surface and environment lighting.
    Adding a simple sky.
    Adding a directional light source.
    enabling shadow
    Adding a texture... and so on....

    One could also try to alternate the render settings of the project. Especially when the project already fails when trying to show the empty 3d view.

    Naturally, In the case you can identify the error or have a very very simple test project then you should also file an issue. If the error even occurs on GLES2 then It might also relevant for future .

    Most important:
    It is strongly advisable to use GLES2 for Android Apps. At least for those with Adreno chipsets. There are quite some issues (on github) about buggy adreno drivers when rendering using GLES3.

  • danurdanur Posts: 4Member

    I will try star from 3D view with camera without object. I already try a cube mesh that i create using godot, and got the same problem.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,897Admin

    Yeah, adreno drivers are horrible. That GPU should be avoided.

  • danurdanur Posts: 4Member

    I already try to change to GLES2, if I put an empty scene without light or object, I got the same error. I think, for now, it is better not to make any 3D game for android devices because lots of android devices using Adreno, or aim for high-end Android devices.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,897Admin
    edited July 8

    Yes, 3D games should probably only target high-end devices.

  • lawnjellylawnjelly Posts: 29Member

    Aside from using GLES2, the current stable version of Godot is 3.2.2, and 3.2.3 is in beta. There have been loads of bug fixes since 3.1.

    If you still get a problem in 3.2.2 or later, try uploading a minimum reproduction project to an issue in github and we will try and track down the problem.


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