Database in godot

Hi. I have a problem
Here is the explanation:

I am in the last year of high school and as a final project they ask me for an app. (with my partner, we choose a game).
We are developing the game on Godot.
It must have a database (either in Oracle, MySQL, PHP, Firebase, etc.).
Searching through the networks, I can not find something firm, the closest was a video where they used Firebase with Godot. but comment on that video my doubts and there is still no answer.
For the same reason, I come to the forum for help.
my first question would be:

  1. it is possible to use a database engine with godot.
  2. if so. what would be the database to use.
  3. I don't know English very well.
  4. in that database the lives of the player will be saved, the position of where he stayed, the user registration.


  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 477Admin Godot Developer
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    If you're allowed to use a SQLite database, you can use the Godot SQLite GDNative wrapper.

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