Problem in omni light when using mod cube.

ZveroBoy84ZveroBoy84 Posts: 4Member

Hello, I have a problem using the node omni light with "shadow mode = Cube" Shadows in this mode darken the entire space or are not displayed. Setting parameters does nothing. Also, when moving a light source, the FPS drops to 3. Dual Paraboloid works but doesn’t work for cubic geometry as it produces rounded shadows and gaps through the geometry. What could be the reason for this error?) I use Godot version 3.2.2. But this error was noticed in version 3.0. Just with this version I met this engine.


  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,093Admin

    Welcome to the forums @ZveroBoy84!

    Does the console show anything? Any errors or warnings when the light is set to this mode and/or when the light is moving?

    Also, you said the error was noticed in Godot 3.0, was the issue ever mentioned there ever resolved? If it is a GitHub issue, it might not hurt to chime in that you are still experiencing this issue, just so everyone knows it is still present in Godot 3.2.2.

  • ZveroBoy84ZveroBoy84 Posts: 4Member

    I have already looked for a post with a similar problem on the forum and on github but did not find anything. Most likely, this bug manifests itself on video cards older than 10 years to which new versions of drivers stopped coming out, which is the reason for this problem. I forgot to mention the model of my video card, so this is nvidia geforce 9600 gt =) which supports opengl 3.3 but drivers for it have not been released since 2016

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,093Admin

    Hmm, that might be the issue then. I would suggest reporting it as a bug on GitHub, just so everyone knows it is there and so others with the issue have something to point to. However, I would guess you are correct, that the bug is likely related to your GPU and its drivers.

  • CalinouCalinou Posts: 464Admin Godot Developer

    Try switching to the GLES2 renderer. It should work better on old GPUs.

  • ZveroBoy84ZveroBoy84 Posts: 4Member
    edited September 2

    On GLES2 the same problem..

  • ZveroBoy84ZveroBoy84 Posts: 4Member

    I forgot to add that the same problem will be encountered in version 2, so now I doubt that the matter is in the drivers... I hope it’s not too late and not in vain to report this)

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