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I'm trying to add some layers of clothes on a character (2 layers of cape, one long and a short on top of it) , that should react to the animation of the character AND its motion.

Until now without good enough looking results I've tried:


They are a nightmare to setup (that's why I've created a script tool to help me setup attachment points and pinned points in one shot).
They pretty often explode or stay stuck inside the kinematicbody's collider (I'm not that surprised having implemented some verlet physics based simulations beforehand). Note that changing the precision doesn't help much.
Moreover when using a Kinematic body the pined points are dragging behind, this is not acceptable for me (you can see this in action with the Robot demo (following the cloak tutorial ) when falling in the void).

Physical Bones:
Using 6DOF bones is the best method I have right now. However collisions are not working well and I wasn't able to tweak the drag in order to damp the effect on brutal velocity changes. Moreover I wasn't able to achieve good collision interactions between the 2 cloth layers.

To give you some references, what I need is something as robust as this:


Unfortunately I've never seen something professional looking with Godot right now :/

Any help is more than welcome !

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