Announcing GUT (Godot Unit Test) 7.0.0 release.

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GUT is a Unit Testing framework for the Godot Game Engine available via GitHub and the Godot Asset Library.

This release has some minor breaking changes. More information can be found in the release notes.

Breaking Changes

Requires Godot 3.2. You must recreate the GUT node in your test runner scene (CLI not affected). All Doubles and Partial Doubles are freed automatically after each test. A new signal gut_ready should be used instead of _ready when performing any actions on the GUT object in your test runner scene. The order the tests are run is no longer guaranteed. The order that Inner Test classes are run is no longer guaranteed. gut.p: 3rd optional indent level parameter has been deprecated.


New Parameterized Tests. Added Memory Management tools. Added "user directory" file viewer to additional options for viewing logs on a device. Redesigned logging. Can now set the font (from a few choices), font size, font color, and the background color! Thanks to hilfazer for contributing a PR that addressed most of the memory leaks in GUT. This PR also inspired most of the new Memory Management features.


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