Action Adventure Rogue-lite Game

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Hey there! This is the beginning of my first game using the Godot engine. I'm incredibly excited to get this project going, and can't wait to share the journey with you guys!

The premise of the game is that it is a top down zelda style game, with rogue-lite elements. I plan on having a hand crafted overworld, full of towns and such to explore. The dungeons however are going to be procedurally generated in a Binding of Isaac style. This means that when you go into the dungeon, it will be different every time. If you die in the dungeon, you would start back outside of the dungeon, and have to go through it once more. This time the dungeon will be completely different though!

I've started a Devlog on my youtube channel RetrovoiD. I'd love it if you guys wanted to follow along with it! Glad to be hear, and I look forward to sharing this with everyone :)

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