Spixel Inv8ders - Infinite 8-bit Shoot 'em up

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Spixel Inv8ders will be an endless shoot 'em up with an infinite amount of waves, firepower and focused on Highscore hunting. Use 5 different weapons to battle against the evil! Fly around in a Solar System, play and unlock multiple infinite Levels. Some Levels have special effects that make the game colorful and more dynamic.

The game will be released on browser game platforms, so it can be played from anywhere [as long as you have a PC or Laptop :)]


Want to see the Game in action? Check out the teaser:

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    The Game has been released! You can play it here:

    It might have some small issues, but it should be okay. Have fun playing and tell me if you liked it :)

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    Summary of the next paragraphs:

    • Game needs special Pause Menu
    • Options I'd like to see: Volume, Fullscreen, Background Visibility
    • I'd like to play an Adventure Mode
    • Coins need to look less similar to Enemy Missiles
    • Game needs better Player Damage Feedback
    • Level Select controls should be the same as the level controls

    I really like this game! But it has some issues:

    On the Main Menu, there's a ,,Start Muted" option so that I could play at work.
    But I can't find the pause menu, which is important before a game could actually be played at work.
    This pause menu needs 3 options: Continue, Options, and Quit.
    But this game can't just have a normal pause menu. Instead, the Continue button should be triggered by clicking on the Player Spaceship.
    The options I'd like to see, are: Volume Controls (Player Missile Sounds, Other Sounds, Music), Fullscreen Mode, and Background Visibility (10 is Full Visibility, 0 is Full Black). And I think all the coins should have the same silver color reguardless of their value, so that they don't look similar to the enemy missiles.

    Also, I'm not the kind of person who plays for Highscores, but instead the kind of person who plays to see all the levels, so I'd like to play a Gamemode where Points are disabled, but in exchange there's a Checkpoint after every Boss. Maybe then I'd play the Highscore Mode after I finished that Adventure Mode, if the game reminds me of the Highscore Mode after the End Credits.

    And finally, this game needs better feedback for when the Player Spaceship gets hit,
    and the player controls for the Level Select should be the same as in the actual levels, so that the players don't get a false first impression.

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    Some solid feedback.

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