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How should these animations be handled?

DetonatressDetonatress Posts: 43Member
edited June 16 in Programming

I have some animations on a 3D drone/robot model that must work at times for its separate body parts, and other times for all of them together. For example if the robot is flying, its wings must wiggle and its arms must wave, but if the player chooses to use a punch animation for either arm during flying, it should mix with the flying animation for the wings.

I have set up 2 types of flying animation just in case: one has the wings and arms wiggling, the other has wings wiggling but the arms have no animation data. I plan on putting conditions regarding whether the punch button has been pressed or not while W is also pressed, and may have to add if punch animations aren't running so the fly animation for punching isn't being used. Is this going to allow mixing punch animations with flying animation?

Also, do I have to use the AnimationTree or can I just switch things solely through code, including specifying blend amount?


  • GrampsGramps Posts: 28Member

    You can switch it through code. I know folks say the AnimationTree is useful for this but I could never get it working the way I wanted to, so I just used GDScript to play the animations I needed.

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