Accessing savegame data properly

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Hello all!

I'm a quote new hobby dev and am currently working on a json savegame implemention.

So far it works quite alright

Now I have the dictionary set up but having a problem with accessing the score properly.

Previously I had the score as a variable with a set get behind it.. sadly I'm not sure what that did but I can't do this in the dictionary, it doesn't take the server in the variable.

So now I can't show the current score while playing in the UI.

My thought was to do the score separately while playing and only putting it into the savegame variable wehen saving.. but I'm not sure if that's the proper way or if there is a better way

I'd really appreciate some input, thanks!

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    Can you maybe put a photo of some code so I can try helping?

    From what you're saying it seems it should work fine but I think seeing the code would definitely help

    Don't get discouraged buddy!

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