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Hi everyone! I've started learning programming and game dev around 1.5 month ago. I've made a simple number puzzle game and released it on Google Play. Any feedback will be highly appreciated :)

Google Play Link:

Youtube video:

Description of the game:

Mathfinder is a free, fun, number puzzle game.

Your goal is to find a path through a "number labyrinth".

In each level, pieces on the map are assigned a random value. Your goal is to find a path from one corner to the opposite, so that the sum of numbers on your route match the value of a final piece.

If you like number and math puzzle games - you'll enjoy MathFinder.

Each round of a puzzle is procedurally generated (created by an algorithm with a degree of randomness).

You can play using 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 maps.

You can play this game offline


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