How can I use shaders to add a drop shadow to editable text?

fiddlemouthfiddlemouth Posts: 3Member

I'm using a TextEdit node which doesn't have any built in drop shadow option like I'm told Label does.
My current solution it to create another TextEdit behind and below the main one, that is set to always contain the same text as the main TextEdit and be darker, but that solution comes with a lot of issues.
So my only other idea to solve this is to somehow implement it with shaders, which I have very little previous experience with.
How can I do this?


  • bitshift-rbitshift-r Posts: 67Member

    Would an outline work instead of a drop shadow?

  • bitshift-rbitshift-r Posts: 67Member

    I tried poking at a shader based solution, but I'm having issues with the character alphas.

    Depending on what you are doing with this control (long form text editing? single line text entery?) you might try rolling your own text edit using a label and manual Input processing.

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