How to force GLES 2.0 for Android in Godot 4.0-dev?

nightrobinnightrobin Posts: 11Member
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I am encountering this error in android

org.godotengine.granville E/godot: ERROR: Condition "!native_window" is true.
org.godotengine.granville E/godot:    at: DisplayServerAndroid (platform\android\display_server_android.cpp:423) - Condition "!native_window" is true.

Upon checking the engine's source code:

if (rendering_driver == "vulkan") {
            ANativeWindow *native_window = OS_Android::get_singleton()->get_native_window();

It fails when the android device does not support vulkan

I also already tried to select GLES 2 in the Project Settings but it doesn't work:

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,082Admin

    As far as I know, GLES2 is not implemented fully in Godot 4.0. I think it cannot be launched yet because it hasn't been made compatible with the new rendering changes. From what I can gather, the idea is to get Vulkan working, and then convert one (or both) of the OpenGL renderers to Godot 4.0.

  • nightrobinnightrobin Posts: 11Member

    I see. Thanks @TwistedTwigleg

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