Tools to create TileSets? What is this type of TileSet called?

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Hello. I did a tutorial where the guy provided this tileset and showed how to configure Godot to be able to paint the tiles onto the screen using a TileMap. It has a section for every possible tile orientation. It works great! Once it's set up I can paint cliff tiles anywhere and it merges them and paints them correctly:

So, I recently got some assets from and they are laid out differently:

What's my best bet to convert these from one format to another? And that cliff tileset seems to be a very specific format, is there a name for that layout? I would expect to see things laid out that way because it works so well, but I'm seeing lots of different ways and not sure how to make sense of these layouts or talk about them.

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  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,645Admin

    Just for future reference you don't need to change the topic name upon double posting, the flagging system links us to the topic or post flagged.

    As for the question in the title I think the name you are looking for is AutoTile? But I don't deal much with tile sets so I'm unsure.

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    I wouldn't worry about conversion. I don't believe that there are any standard layout conventions. The position of the individual tiles in an image doesn't matter. As long as you take the time to set up your collisions and bitmasks then any layout will work as an AutoTile.

  • UI369UI369 Posts: 11Member

    Yea, but that particular layout seems to make things easier. There are enough tiles to represent every permutation of adjacency, which allows painting/autotile. Do you think I could do that painting/autotile feature with just the tileset above?

    found a tool called TileSetter that will convert a tileset into a "TileBlob" which is the same pattern as my first image above. So I guess the answer to my second question is "TileBlob"

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