Need help with my teleport script.

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I'm working on implementing portals, and I have this function for teleporting the player:
global_transform.origin = portal.portaltarget.to_global(Vector3(-1,-1,1)*portal.to_local(global_transform.origin))
When the portals face towards each-other, it works as expected (although when you look behind you there's some clipping that I still need to fix).
But when the portals are facing away from each-other, the player gets teleported to the wrong place.
I feel like i'm missing something obvious. Could someone help?

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  • CallMeTessCallMeTess Posts: 2Member

    There were some images in the post that dont seem to be displaying correctly. I've attached them here:
    Facing away from each-other:

    Facing towards each-other:

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