Dedicated Sub-Forums for Respective Programming Languages

veratonveraton Posts: 5Member
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Hello There,

I just started to work with Godot and noticed that the documentation on programming with the engine is quiet sparse. The Forum here is a great way to get help from the community.

However, there is only one general purpose forum "Programming" on the topic which covers all 3 supported languages and therefore is somewhat difficult to navigate.

An easy way to improve this would be the introduction of dedicated sub-forums as the specific audiences would have their respective forum to post to.

This is just a suggestion and observation on my part and not intended as the start of a heated discussion about the forum per sé or programming language preferences.

Bye and regards,

Tags :


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    We use tags for this. If you want us to add a additional tag for a language, let us know.

  • veratonveraton Posts: 5Member
    edited June 6

    Tags are a somewhat distinct concept and are reset after each action and then need to be re-applied everytime.

    Maybe an "easy" improvement then is to make tags non-volatile/fixed filters or to allow members to permanently enable certain tags on specific sub-forums?

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    The tags seem to stick to the topic just fine. I'm honestly not sure what you are saying there.

  • veratonveraton Posts: 5Member
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    I click through "Categories -> Programming -> Tags" and select the "C++" tag.

    The result is a list of posts tagged with the "C++" tag.

    From there I visit any post I wish to read but when I re-visit (within the same session) the "Programming" sub-forum the tag selection has been reset and an unfiltered list is presented again.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    I just open the topics each in their own tab so I haven't had an issue with it. If there was an easy change for this though I'm sure we'd all be willing to accommodate however I don't think there really is a setting for this.

    We'd likely have to write a custom plugin for it and god knows we already have way too many. I feel it would be way too high an investment for way too little return.

    Even so I feel tags work well enough as they are. However if there is significant demand from users for the subcategories then we can certainly add them.

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,093Admin

    We might be able to add searching by tag to the FilteredForumSearch plugin, though right now I don't really have the time to spend working on the plugin. Once I have the time, I can see about adding an ability to filter posts by tag, which should help make it easier to find posts in subcategories containing certain tags. I have added it to the GitHub issues as a feature request so I do not forget about it.

  • veratonveraton Posts: 5Member

    @Megalomaniak @TwistedTwigleg : Thank you so far for the initiative and discussion!

    As to your suggestions: I certainly support these enhancements as I think they would add value to the forum. But indeed I agree with you, that resources should be spent wisely as time is usually sparse. So the value out of this work should offer a big enough return for the community.

    This then would bring up my initial suggestion of "just adding" additional sub-categories instead of programming additional featues into custom plugins which then need to be maintained.

    Maybe this is something not due immediately but becomes a "necessity" in the future if Godot continues to grow and with it the community activity that needs to be managed.

    With that being said: I am too new this community to be in a position to adequately "judge" any reasons for organising things as they are and "to ask people" to invest their time into things someone randomly brings up. ;-) So please consider this as just some ideas for possible future developments.

    Respects and regards,

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