Audio static and poor quality.

LethargicDeveloperLethargicDeveloper Posts: 4Member

I'm on Win10; Godot v3.2.1

I'm trying to convert mp3s to a format that Godot will play.
I've tried various mp3s and converted them to both wav and ogg always getting the same result.
The wav and ogg files play fine in Windows using programs like Windows Media Player or Groove, but when imported into Godot sound awful. The pitch is lower and there's lots of pops/static/choppiness (however you want to describe it). The settings appear to be correct.

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  • LethargicDeveloperLethargicDeveloper Posts: 4Member

    Ok. I figured it out. I feel dumb.
    I had my audio set to Headset (hands free) which sounded okay in windows but awful in Godot, as soon as I changed it to Headphones it sounds great in both windows and Godot.

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