Just published to Google Play: Marathon Match 3

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Just published my first Android game built using Godot. It is a fitness run "simulator" implemented as a match-3 style game. Includes integration with Google Play Games for Achievements and Leader Boards - Play Games login is required.

Search for "marathonmatch3" in Google Play (Google still hasn't fixed the Play title search for new apps).

Would appreciate it if you give it a try and all feedback is welcome. If you do try it, be aware this is not just another "smash-the-sweets" game. So spending a couple minutes reading the help pages or the quick start will make your first experience with the game much better.

FYI: This is my first Godot game, my first Android game, and the first computer game I've written in 30+ yrs.

I want to thank all the Godot development and documentation contributors. Godot is an amazing collective work that represents what Open Source should be.

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