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Hey guys, just wanted to check if anyone know of any production ready Tools for Godot for Visual Novel style games.

So far I've only found an implementation of Ink in Godot (InkGD:, and according to its description it's not yet production ready.

I wanted to test the waters with VN with other added gameplay as a first game to try on Godot. My math skills aren't up to par to handle physics based game elements quite yet.

So if anyone can recommend anything from the Asset Library or maybe even something you made and you'd like me to test it out, by all means please do share.

Thanks a bunch!

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  • KorinaKorina Posts: 5Member
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    Adding more to this topic, it looks like I found a good prospect to use:

    Haven't tested it yet, but being only $2 it seems a worthwhile purchase. So far this looks the most promising.

    Edit: I can't seem to find the same project on the Asset Library repo. Hopefully there's no problematic reason for it not being there.

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