"Testing" tag request.

bitwesbitwes Posts: 75Member

Can you add a tag for "Testing"? I was looking for a TDD or Testing tag when creating my latest release post for the GUT tool. TDD is probably too specific and wouldn't get much use but a Testing one might.


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    Would a prerelease tag work? I think it would be perhaps used more and cover a wider margin.

  • bitwesbitwes Posts: 75Member

    This tag would be for testing your game (automated or not), not so much for marking something as a "test build". In my case the tool is a Test Driven Development framework that allows you to write unit and integration tests for your game.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    Wouldn't the tools tag work? Together with the topic title it should suffice for people to find it. I'm not inclined to add a tag that's only going to have a few uses but I'm not against adding a tag if it has reasonably wide usage. This seems a little too specific.

    Maybe other users can pitch in if they think the tag would have more usage?

  • bitwesbitwes Posts: 75Member

    I do use the Tools tag. I imagine people struggle with how to test their games as they make them so I was thinking the Testing tag could have some broad appeal.

    I'm on the fence about a TDD tag. I don't want my very own tag, hehe. There are two frameworks for Godot that I know of (GUT and WAT). I was thinking that the tag might increase visibility and get used more if it existed. TDD is a pretty well know design pattern but isn't widely used in game development...yet.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    I don't think that the tag will help popularize TDD however once the user-base is there and the demand for the tag with it we can always add it then. For now what might help more is both written and video tutorials to help popularize TDD.

  • bitwesbitwes Posts: 75Member

    Both are done to some degree.


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