Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 2000 Tracks

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Hi everyone,

If you need some original music and sound effects for your games, I've created over 2000 tracks that you are very welcome to freely use. Commercial projects are fine, too. All I ask is to be attributed as explained on my website:

Most of my music tracks either loop or have looping versions so they are perfect for games. I sincerely hope some of my work is helpful! :-)

All the best,



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    A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to the kind folks who reached out and supported my work this month by donating on my site. You folks literally make this all possible. Thank you!

    That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are:

    From my Puzzle Music 5 page:
    ICE PUZZLE – (Looping)

    From my Sci-Fi 9 page:
    TWISTED DYSTOPIA – (Looping)

    Big Ogg Track Update!

    Super high-quality Ogg versions of a bunch my tracks are ready. They sound really cool and could be used for all kinds of things besides puzzle games I’m sure. They are:

    BOUNCE LIGHT 1 & 2– (Looping)
    FROSTY PUZZLER (2 versions) – (Looping)
    PUZZLE TRANCE – (Looping)
    HYPNOTIC JEWELS – (Looping)
    PIANO PUZZLES – (Looping)
    MUSIC BOX PUZZLER – (Looping)
    PUZZLE CLUES – (Looping)
    CRYPTIC PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping)
    BELL PUZZLES – (Looping)
    MELLOW PUZZLER 1 & 2 – (Looping)
    THOUGHT PUZZLES – (Looping)
    ROBOT’S CUBE – (Looping)
    HAPPY PUZZLER – (Looping)

    Have a good week and stay safe.

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    Very nice and very generous of you.

  • EricMatyasEricMatyas Posts: 16Member

    @cybereality said:
    Very nice and very generous of you.

    My pleasure...I hope some of my work is helpful. :-)

    Speaking of which...

    Good News:

    Super high-quality Ogg versions of all of my Puzzle Music Tracks are ready. That’s around 100 tracks to choose from...all created from my original WAV recordings. They’re cool, too, because they can be used for all kinds of things in addition to puzzle games. You’ll find them on my Puzzle Music 1-5 pages.

    More Good News:

    All of the tracks on my Fantasy 9 page now have Ogg versions as well. They sound great!

    And even MORE good news:

    If you create arcade-style games (or know someone who does) Ogg versions of all the tracks on my Chiptunes 1 page are now ready, too.

    That said, this week’s new free MP3 tracks are:

    On my Epic / Battle page:

    On my Fantasy 10 page:
    THE KEY TO THE KINGDOM – (Looping)

    And on my Looping Music page:
    RACING MENU_V001 – (Looping)

    Keep being creative and please stay safe.

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    Thanks for sharing. Some good 'stuff' on their. I've passed your site on to a friend who was looking for music to add to his Drone videos he makes.

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