Why does the specular bypass the shadow?

DetonatressDetonatress Posts: 51Member

There's an object (capsule mesh) in front of my spotlight, but the spotlight's specular somehow bypasses the capsule's shadow onto a model whose material uses metallic + low roughness shader settings. It's as if the light is in front of the capsule. Can someone tell me a way to fix this or if it's a bug, please?


  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,658Admin

    This might well be a bug.

  • DetonatressDetonatress Posts: 51Member

    @Megalomaniak said:
    This might well be a bug.

    I've found the source of the problem: shadows being anything other than full black.
    If the shadow is gray, the light starts shining through every object. This kind of light can be useful for simulating light going through translucent objects, but other than that it just looks weird.

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