How I moved the Godot Icon from my Desktop to the Application Menu in Linux Mint

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Before you copy what I did: Following these steps might not work in Linux Distros that aren't Linux Mint, unless you make certain modifications to the steps, which can vary based on your Linux Setup, which I can't predict.


Right now, I have the Godot Icon on my Desktop:

But I'd like it instead to be in the Application Select Menu, like all other programs.

So I type sudo mv ~/Desktop/Godot_v3.2.1-stable_x11.64 /usr/bin in to the terminal and confirm with my password.
But you should replace the Godot_v3.2.1_stable_x11.64 part with the file name of your copy of Godot before it can work.
And if your system is using a different language than English, you should replace the Desktop part with whatever the Desktop folder is called in your language. For example, I typed Schreibtisch because it's German for Desktop.


And here comes the part that explains why this guide might not work on every Linux system without needing to do some modifications to the steps, which I can't predict:

Normally, a Linux Program is in a category (Office, Development, Graphics, Internet, etc.).
And Godot should be in the ,,Development" category. But it isn't listed in any category, so it's only accessible in the /usr/bin folder for now, unless you add it to the Application Menu with the Menu Editor, that not every Application Menu has.

So I use Mouse Button 2 to click on the Application Menu Icon (it's the Linux Mint Logo because I haven't changed it) and then use Mouse Button 1 to click the context menu entry ,,Setup...".
From here, I go to the ,,Menu" Tab and Open the Menu Editor:

When I'm in the Menu Editor, I create a new entry in the ,,Development" category, with /usr/share/Godot_v3.2.1-stable_x11.64 as the command:

For the icon, it's the Default Icon I copied it from one of my Godot Projects to usr/share/icons using the command sudo cp[that-godot-project]/icon.png /usr/share/icons
and renamed it to godot-engine.png with sudo mv /usr/share/icons/icon.png /usr/share/icons/godot-engine.png to avoid conflict with software I might install in the future (And yes, you can rename files with the move command like this).

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