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I've released a small very early development version of Totally Shmup on

The idea behind Totally Shmup is to create a Shmup where you travel from planet to planet saving the inhabitants. The game will switch between vertical (space travel), multi-directional (above planet) and horizontal (flying across the planet). The aim is to make each playthrough different by having enemies appear in randomly chosen waves.

Currently I'm working on finishing the Vertical stages

All feedback / suggestions / constructive criticism welcome please :-)


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    Version 0.1.2 Update

    3 Bosses added
    Tutorial now separate
    Colour changes
    Bug Fix - Certain text scaled incorrectly (changing window to 4x fixed it)

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    I don't know if it's my system but the audio doesn't work, if isn't implemented you should, help a lot with the user feedback, and also adding some explosions and effects.

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    There’s no audio yet - coming soon. I probably should have put some simple effects in for now, but just wanted to get feedback on the gameplay before I think about sound :-) I’m starting learning about animations and particles today. Once I’ve got 0.1.3 released I’ll look into sound.

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    Version 0.1.3 Update

    Sound finally added!
    Animations too - particle explosions.
    Coming Soon: Balancing, Checkpoints, Scoring and Scrolling Backgrounds.

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    Version 0.1.4 Update

    Code hopefully more efficient and changed scene loading in preparation for adding horizontal levels in 0.1.6
    Groups are now split into 60s chunks so should be more random and have less gaps.
    XP and Boss tweaks
    Fade in and out of background animations

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    I have a few problems with the controls:

    • I'd like to remap my buttons
    • I have an idea for a controls style that would be much better for me:
      Instead of having Two Buttons for Shooting, I'd like to have a button for switching fire type and a button for shooting

    • There should also be a button for toggling auto-fire

    • I can move diagonally, but not Left-Up

    What I like about the game:

    • Steady difficulty increase
    • Shooting Demons in Hell with a Spaceship
    • Smiple but effective visuals

    Possible Improvements unrelated to the controls (Should be lower-priority than fixing the problems I have with the controls, from Paragraph 1):

    • Game could be longer
    • By Default, the Game shouldn't have Black Bars in Windowed Mode
    • The mouse shouldn't be trapped in the Window unless i'm actually playing the game.
      This way, I could resize the window in the Main Menu and Pause Menu.

    • Add Volume Controls (Player Shots, Other Sounds, Music)

    • Making the Player faster when ze doesn't shoot would make the game more interesting, as the player then needs to consider 3 fire modes instead of just 2, with the 3rd fire mode being ,,Not Shooting".
    • Accessibility Options for Visuals: Fixed High-Contrast Color Palette, Background Visibility from 0 to 10
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    Big thanks for the feedback :-) I’m just working on this on weekends so I’ve got to heavily prioritise but more content will finally be coming soon (0.1.6-0.1.8 is all about content with new horizontal and vertical stages)

    So you can’t move left-up? So left then up, rather than diagonally? But just left or up is fine? Bit puzzled as I haven’t changed any movement code lately and it hasn’t been reported before but will look into it this weekend.

    I’ll add Remapping in 0.1.6 when I add persistence. Just need to do a quick 0.1.5 update with scrolling backgrounds first.

    With the black bars I’m not a big fan of stretching a 4:3 to 16:9 myself but would like to add the option to. I hoped to have a look at window scaling again down the line and can try some options for scaling the window ie 4x,6x etc and keeping the ratio intact.

    I’ll change it so the mouse isn’t confined when in menus - also hopefully 0.1.6.

    I’ve made a note of everything on my Trello board so if it’s not in 0.1.6 then I will look into it for the feature requests for 0.1.9 :-) As you mentioned, I really need to focus on more content first then hopefully if there’s a quite period in my regular job I can book some time off to work through the ever growing 0.1.9 list :-)

    Thanks again

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    @EldTheZombie said:
    With the black bars I’m not a big fan of stretching a 4:3 to 16:9 myself but would like to add the option to. I hoped to have a look at window scaling again down the line and can try some options for scaling the window ie 4x,6x etc and keeping the ratio intact.

    It seems you misinterpreted what I said about black bars. I also don't like stretching the image.
    What I meant is, that the Window should only gain black bars after it's been resized. It should not start out with black bars.

    If you download my current Godot Project ,,Flinkimaus" (a completely different kind of game, by the way) on GitHub, and then start the game in the Godot Engine (because the game is not yet ready to be exported after every update), the Window doesn't start with Black Bars. The Window only gets Black Bars after the player chooses to resize it.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 18Member

    Ah yes I did misunderstand, will take a look at your project too this weekend.

    I thought when I run my game the window is a set size (4x base 320x240 resolution if I remember correctly) I don’t see any black bars unless I resize it.
    So is your window maximised when it’s first run?

    I haven’t done much with window scaling yet, so much to learn and do :-)

  • SosaseesSosasees Posts: 125Member

    @EldTheZombie said:
    So is your window maximised when it’s first run?

    No, my Window does not start out maximized. It takes up the available screen height, but not the entire screen width.

    So, I can't really understand why it starts with Pillarboxing. My project doesn't start with any black bars.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 18Member

    Strange. What resolution are you running?

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    @EldTheZombie said:
    Strange. What resolution are you running?

    I've been using 1600 × 900 pixels lately.

    If this pillarboxing doesn't happen to you, assuming you're using 1920 × 1080 pixels, maybe it has something to do with the default game resolution being higher than 840 pixels (i've approximately subtracted the Taskbar and Titlebar Heights from 900 to get this number), and then my OS having to shrink the height (but not the width) of the window, so that it fits.

    Thanks! If this is true, now I understand why the game starts Pillarboxed in Windowed Mode for me.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 18Member

    That explains it. I’ll add some resolution options in the next update to fix it.

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    I'd recommend 720p as the default resolution if your game starts out in windowed mode.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 18Member

    If I remember right I tried scaling 4:3 320 x 240 3x to 960x720 but the text didn’t look great. Seems only multiples of 2 scaled well. Guess I could look into having the game window inside the main window, have an image / black bar either side option. Or just the option of window with no border. Will have a look into it.

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    Yeah, power of two scaling is ideal for pixel art games. Perhaps 480p as the default then? it would be 2x 240p.

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 18Member

    Makes sense, I’ll change to 480p This weekend with an option for 720p also.

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 3,016Admin

    Ideally if all gpus supported it for all api's then integer scaling would make odd scalars viable. But outside that scaling by (multiples of) 2 is probably best as mentioned before.

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    Version 0.1.5 Update

    Scrolling Backgrounds
    Particles load more efficiently
    Small increase in difficulty
    Resolution Changes + Resize window in main menu

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    @Sosasees Hopefully the resolution issue you mentioned will be fixed in the latest update - I've lowered the default resolution so whilst in the main menu you hopefully will be able to resize the window correctly. The mouse is just confined whilst playing the levels - so the user doesn't accidentally click outside. I'll try adding it to the pause menu in future but couldn't seem to get it working in time. Hopefully you shouldn't have the control issues now too.

    Going forward I'll add content to each patch. The next version:

    0.1.6 - 1st Horizontal Level with Boss, Remaping Controls, Auto-fire, Persistant Saving and Sound options.

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    @EldTheZombie Where has the Download Button on the page gone?

  • EldTheZombieEldTheZombie Posts: 18Member

    @Sosasees oops might help if I click save :-)
    Should have download links now.
    Cheers for pointing that out

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    @EldTheZombie Thanks very much!
    The Controls are Super Now!
    And the Music is much better than I remember, too (Like the same music with much better instrumentation).
    Also, the game no longer starts letterboxed when played in Windowed Mode in 900p.
    I want the game to last a bit longer, so I hope to play the new Levels soon.

    I have a few ideas for making the game even better than it is already,
    which would be cooler than just adding Horizontal Levels:

    • Gameplay challenge increasement: Right now, ,,Moving slowly" is mapped to a dedicated button, which I never needed to use. The game would be more strategic if shooting makes you move slightly slower instead of Moving Slowly being a dedicated button. Then, the player not only has 2 options (Shoot, Wide Shot), but Three (No Shoot, Shoot, Wide Shot) to consider. But unlike the next suggestions, I'm not sure if it'd be easy to implement without having to remake the levels. But this problem could be eased by making the Slow Speed as fast as the Fast Speed in v0.1.5, and the Fast Speed even faster than that.
    • Controls refinement: It'd be really useful if it was possible to change the fire mode by pressing the Other fire mode's button without having to unpress the current fire mode's button first. This would make it easier to transfer my thoughts about which fire mode I want to use right now much more quickly (instantly) into the game.
    • Controls refinement: Maybe I'm the only game developer who does this, but I always think the Backspace Button is a great Pause Button when it's not used for Gameplay Purposes already. So Backspace was the first button I tried to pause the game with before I tried Escape, because it's muscle memory I got from my own games. Otherwise, you thought of All Other possible buttons which would make sense as pause buttons for me (At least for the Keyboard, but controllers are a slightly easier story, where ⊕ is the only sensible Pause Button, and maybe ⊖ when it's not used for gameplay purposes already).
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    @Sosasees Glad to hear that update sorted the movement and letterboxing issue :-) I'll have a look into the below in 0.1.6 after I've finished the horizontal level (currently working on the art and planning the waves etc.)

    Gameplay challenge increasement:
    I only occasionally use the slowdown key on the current levels. Later on I plan to add more bullet hell patterns and specifically ones you need to use the slowdown key to avoid :-) So I'd like to keep that speed in, but will try out a small increase in speed when not shooting and see how it plays. It will then need rebalancing as I don't want the player to get too far across the screen and make it too easy - though I might make the time between waves smaller / overlap a bit to compensate - I don't want many gaps if you kill the enemies too quick. Added this to 0.1.6 tasks.

    Controls refinement:
    I'll have a look at 'change the fire mode by pressing the Other fire mode's button without having to unpress the current fire mode's button first.' in 0.1.6 too along with adding backspace to the pause key.

    Going forward I plan to add new content each update. Now that I've got the basic code in I can start to work on more content too. I'm hoping after Summer's over to book a week off my 9-5 job and just focus on lots of content in that week. Fingers crossed :-)

    Cheers for the feedback

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    Version 0.1.6 Update

    Horizontal Stage 2 with a more 16-Bit looking style
    Stage 1 now has 2 more variations
    Options - Volume, Auto Fire and Fire Mode B added
    Purple background redone and green lava lamp colour added for the last stage (or more like toothpaste green)
    Title Cards for each level
    Player movement now smoother
    Particles cached to increase performance
    Save and continue

    @Sosasees I've tried to make the 'Fire Mode B' similar to what you asked for - key goggles between forward and wide shots and movement is faster when not firing. Balance wise I will add ships in future that are faster / slower depending on playstyle. You'll also find some more options you mentioned. More to come in future :-)

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    Thanks very much for the 0.1.6 Update!

    That Horizontal Level (Level 2) is very interesting as it's an unexpected change of pace that still keeps the core of the game 100% intact. I really felt like I had to adapt to the new movement direction. It wasn't very hard, but it was very engaging.
    The background is an odd-one-out compared to the rest of the game,
    but from the name I think the game is supposed to be a little bit funny, which this achieved.
    I hope the next Level Additions will have more Funny Twists like that.

    It's very peculiar how at the end of the last levels for now (5, 6, and 7) the Boss Intro starts but then it cuts straight to the title card for the next level or end screen. This feels as if the boss was already implemented but an unintended glitch caused the game to skip it.

    I found that it feels a bit unsatisfying how the Spaceship stops slowing down when I shoot after the First Upgrade, because it felt So satisfying how the ship slowed down when I shot Before the first upgrade, as if the ship had Real Weight, which made the game much more engaging.
    If this improvement will be carried throughout the Entire game, I know it'll make it So much More satisfying to play. It's such a small change with such a Huge Impact.

    The difficulty level is So Good! It always had a Healthy Challenge but never unfair deaths. The music is Still Superb, just like Before!
    It's all The Good parts we choose to remember from Arcade Games.

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    Great to hear that @Sosasees :-)

    I'm trying to vary the levels up quite a bit, which also gives me plenty of opportunity to work on different styles as I learn pixel art. So I was going for some sort of cute Kirby meets Mario in a colourful world type theme for the first horizontal stage. Next one will be different again.

    I haven't started the bosses for stages 5-7 yet so its just blank boss scenes. I'll move working on the bosses to the next release as you're right, it does look a bit odd!

    Hmm I'll have a look at the code for the alternative fire mode not slowing down when you fire after getting the first upgrade. Guessing I didn't test far enough with that mode to get an upgrade, sorry about that.

    Thanks for the great feedback and the musics going to be even better soon, will keep you posted :-)

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    Could you please consider uploading the Music in a ZIP-package on
    the itch.​io page (below the Game executables)?
    It sounds so good that I want to listen to it even when I am not playing the game.

    I understand if you don't want to publish the music by itself, because this would make it possible to misue the music. But you should at least consider it.

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    @Sosasees The music will be changing soon as I've always wanted TS to sound like a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game and the soundtrack replacement is currently being worked on. The current tracks were just temporary and I like them too, but it wasn't the sound I originally imagined and I have a soft spot for the Mega Drive sound chip. I'm not working on the music myself. Will announce more in the next release.

    However if you want to download the music currently in the game its by: Zach Striefel - ZStriefel on GameDevMarket
    I can't put them in a zip as they were purchased as part of a humble bundle a while ago.

    I'm looking in to playing tracks from the user:// directory, so you could use whichever you prefer in future :-)

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