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We are a small team of 3 people who have challenged themselves to make games. I am a programmer, there is also a 2d artist and a musician.
We are looking for a 4th member, who would like to join the adventure, to help with the programming or manage all the artistic part on Godot.

The offer is full-time or part-time at your choice. Beginner accepted.

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  • Ryan ScottRyan Scott Posts: 30Member

    How is this a paid position?

  • ZingZing Posts: 45Member
    edited May 2020

    I'm interested, however I need to know more about the game before I can join your team. What is the game planned to be? How big of a scale? When do you plan to launch your game? I also need to know a little about the team before I can join, what experience do the artist, musician and programmer have? Do they have any past works I can look at? If you are interested in working together then we can message each other on the forums.
    It is also worth noting that I am a student so I probably can't work full time, nor do I have much experience, I have 1 year of experience in Python, 1.5 years of Godot and I have been doing web design for about 3 years.

  • Iluvatar1erIluvatar1er Posts: 2Member

    First of all thank you to everyone who contacted us. We just found someone.

    To answer your question, the project we're working on is a platform game halfway between Sonic and Mario. But since our artist is fast, he started drawing mini-games for Android.
    We decided to entrust either the platform game or the mini-games according to your experience.

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