Building Godot 3.2 from source(std and string errors)[FIXED]

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Greetings folks

I have problem while building older version of Godot to be exact 3.2 and I am not sure where is problem, down there are some specification and errors image. Any help would be appreciated. Here is Git issues link:

I also should hint that I can build Godot 4.0 with no problems, of course after I fix missing library problem. Furthermore I have tried building Godot 3.0 and it worked fine, so it is definitely problem at 3.2 because it still gets new updates so that is way it is unstable.

Godot version:
Godot 3.2 pulled from github branch
OS/device including version:
Windows 10
Issue description:
Initializing building Godot 3.2 with scons in VS native tools CMD results in dozens of error I am guessing related to c++ string library, probably because it is undeclared.
Here is errors picture:

Steps to reproduce:
Classical win 10 setup for building Godot from source: python 3.8.0, pywin32, scons 3.1.1., godot 3.2 pulled from github. Initializing building with scons 10 threads and targeted win platform.

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Best Answer

  • CROmartinCROmartin Posts: 7
    Accepted Answer

    Cause of problem was unstable version which is now updated.


  • CROmartinCROmartin Posts: 7Member
    Accepted Answer

    Cause of problem was unstable version which is now updated.

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