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Please read the rules and instructions below. By creating an account and posting on this forum, you have agreed to them and acknowledge that you are bound to follow them when on the forums. Failure to comply with the rules will result in negative consequences.

The number one rule we have on the forums is to use common sense first and foremost. If you do that, do not lie about who you are, and behave in a respectful manner towards others, you should be fine.

The full rules are listed in the post below:


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    1. No illegal activity. This is a international and professional form. Please observe and adhere to the law.
    2. No illicit material, nudity, NSFW content, highly suggestive content, or material that is otherwise not suitable for a general audience.
    3. Suggestive material (images, text, etc) is allowed, if dealt with appropriately. Suggestive material has to be placed in a spoiler.
      1. If you are unsure whether something is suggestive or not, play it safe and place it in a spoiler. Again, this only counts for suggestive material.
      2. Anything that falls into other rules (like rules 1, 2, 5, and 6) is not allowed, in a spoiler or otherwise.
      3. You can always contact forum staff to ask whether something is considered suitable for the forums, and whether it should be placed in a spoiler.
    4. You are only allowed one account per person. You're account is personal and nontransferable. Please be aware of this when creating an account.
      1. If you have issues with your account, please contact forum staff so we can help you!
      2. As per the registration agreement, all users must supply a valid email, for communication purposes.
      3. All forum rules apply to usernames as well! Additionally, user names cannot be irregular sequences like "xtvjxk123456" or anything like that.
    5. Do not post any copyrighted or trademarked material without permission to do so. This is a serious forum for game development. Please respect the laws that govern international trade and publishing.
    6. Be mindful of your words and links. Do not post offensive or inappropriate material. Anything that may offend a person's creed, morality, religion, age (children also access this forum!), personal identity, etc. Be respectful when posting. Bulling and discrimination will NOT be tolerated.
    7. Do NOT impersonate forum staff or take it upon yourself to act as forum staff. If you spot an issue, please use the flagging feature and/or private message forum staff so we can handle it.
    8. Swearing/Cursing is not allowed on the forums, even when censored by replacing letters. There are plenty of usable swear/cursing alternatives that you can use instead to express the same thing. Swearing/Cursing directed at users is NOT allowed.
    9. Be careful when quoting other people, impersonating them, or changing their original statement.
    10. Do NOT hijack threads, troll, spam, etc. Posting for the sake of posting will also be considered spam.
    11. Image spamming is not allowed. Images should contribute to the discussion and should be relevant to the topic. Posting images that are not relevant to the discussion is heavily discouraged and may result in negative consequences.
      1. Just like spamming of other types, image spamming does not contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way and therefore is not allowed.
      2. Additionally, images posted should not violate anyone's copyright, trademark, etc, to stay in compliance with rule #5. Exceptions to this include images that fall under fair-use, have licenses that allow sharing (like CC0), and other licenses that allow the image to be legally shared.
    12. Please use the flagging issue when you spot a post that has issues/abuses/breaks-the-rules. However, please do not use it for anything outside of these uses. If you need something, you can private message any of the forum staff, or post in the forum-chat section if it concerns the whole forum.
    13. Do not double post, re-thread, or do anything like that. Each post has its own category and that must be respected. Any duplicate material will be removed.
      1. If you accidental create a duplicate post, please use the flagging feature and/or let forum staff know through private messaging.
    14. Do not mass message people about offers, requests for work, or other material. This will be considered spam and may result in an instant ban depending on the material. Instead, post your offer or request for work in the appropriate category.
    15. All rules are enforced at the discretion of forum staff. All forum staff decisions are final.


    • Please post only in English. While this is an international forum, we do not have the resources to moderate forums in languages beyond English.

      • However, in the "User Groups" category, you may post in whatever language, so long as it belongs there.
    • Stay on topic.

    • This is the Godot Community forums, and while topics do not need to be 100% geared towards Godot and game development, topics should be at least loosely related to game development.
    • Post in the correct category and be mindful of tag usage. If you need a post moved to different category, please contact forum staff.
    • Add details to your questions/posts.
    • Please avoid using brackets [] or parenthesis () in your titles. Use tags when needed, especially in the projects category.
    • Post titles should be minimal, descriptive, and to the point.
    • Do not use all CAPS excessively. There are other, less excessive ways to call attention to your words.
    • If your question has been answered, please mark the post(s) that answer the question. This will style these posts so everyone will know that those are the answer(s). There is no need to add "Answered" to your topic, as answered questions are marked automatically.
    • If you make a discussion that is actually a question, or vise versa, please contact forum staff so we can change the topic accordingly.
    • If you have a question, please search before you post. It may be that someone has already asked the question.
    • Discussions about other game engines should be respectful.
    • The Godot Community forums are not for discussing changes and issues with other Godot communities.

    • All commercial third-parties bearing the Godot name need to have a disclaimer on the post explaining that they are a third-party and not officially affiliated with Godot.

    • The Godot Community forums are not official. The forums are run by volunteers who willing contribute their time and energy to the forums.

    Please report any problematic posts, topics, etc using the flag feature, via the "flag" button on the top right of each comment. You can also contact forum staff privately with any concerns you may have.

    Be advised that anything stated above can change without warning, and any decision by forum staff is final regardless of being stated in the above rule set or not.

    (You can find the old forum rules here. Please note that these rules are not longer in effect.)

    Finally, respect each other and have fun! :smile:

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