USE your GODOT skills to fight COVID-19 pandemics

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This is a joint collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance for the Online Hackathon #HackCoronaGreece on April 7th-13th. We are calling data scientists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, startups (and everyone!) - to find easy-scalable and marketable solutions to help end the crisis caused by #COVID19. To participate, apply here and join our Slack channel Let’s #HackCorona together! #covid19 For more information please check:

I have created a team project planning to use Godot VR/Multiplayer/Video chat/3D remote collaborations platform

If you are curious, you can visit the platform and learn more.

We now have

(1) a Time series data scientist from US (LA)

(2) a UI/UX designer from Belgium

(3) a Web Developer from Berlin (Germany)

We need people with the following GODOT skills

VR, multiplayer to setup video chats if feasible: with 3D avatar like that in [BigScreenVR] to create next generation remote collaboration platform based on Godot to create next generation remote collaboration platform based on Godot.

The motivation of the Godot Project JumpstartEUTourism:

"How to deliver positive mental health that will reduce stress, fear of job loss, depression, frustration => through JUMPSTARTING tourism between Asia ( countries which just finished the First wave of COVID-19 like China, Taiwan, South Korea and perhaps Singapore etc. ) to Southern Europe ( countries which will finish the First Wave of COVID-19 in perhaps 2 months like Spain and Italy).

WHY?? We believe by having highly precise logistic and planning, utilizing the state-of-Art SMART remote collaborative platform, the platform will gather stakeholders from Airline, Tourism, hotel, restaurant chains, to work together to deliver the business plan needed for the NEW NORMALITY of executing tourism.

We believe by having this concrete business plan and communicating it in way that this will create ===> THE HOPE to end pandemics, it is the BEST MEDICINE to fight deterioration of mental health and subsequently lowering of immune systems ESSENTIAL to survive this global pandemics. <===

=========================== If curious, u will find us here SLACK==========

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    @jbrooks79 => I hope I can get people to be interested so we can continue the hackathons EU wide. Now, Greece (Athens) and Germany (Berlin), hopefully in each city, we need Godot developers to help others to learn Godot how to contribute to the "HOPE" godot VR remote collaborative framework

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