I'd love if you could put 3 things here: DOCX Manuel, DOCX Visual Script, Lots of godot games

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When I study text, I like to mark, tweak, insert into tables, format text with automatic styles.
Easiest to summarize and mark text in WORD DOCX ...

  • I'd love if you could put 3 things here:
    DOCX Manuel.
    DOCX Visual Script.
    Lots of godot games with visual script, open source.

Thanks in advance
Simcha Kabbalah


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    I'm sorry, but I don't understand.
    What do you want? :/

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    @h4uhcom Kabbalah - this is the 3 topic you have made today asking for the same thing. This is considered spamming and is against form rules (rule #3). Please consider this a warning.

    Also, as I mentioned in the very first topic (which I since removed since it is the same as this topic):

    @TwistedTwigleg said:
    Welcome to the forums @h4uhcom Kabbalah

    I'm confused on what you are exactly asking for. There is the documentation, which is a guide of sorts that covers many aspects of Godot. You can also download the documentation, though it does not look like it comes with a DocX option. I do not believe there is any guide for visual scripting in DocX format, though I could be wrong.

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